Meeting on Monday, 5 November at Dunedn Public Library, 11am

present: Peter, Aparna, Mavis

Route 19: may have its frequency increase to half-hourly delayed until late January if the intention to change the timetable on the same day as the bus hub opens is continued.

No feedback has received regarding our proposal for a Belleknowes Loop to resolve Canongate area issue.

Need to check on the DCC safety improvements top see if they are going to improve the bus stops at top of rattray St to make them more accessible.

Maybe Rattray St will always be an inappropriate bus route, noted that a passenger fell out of their seat at rattray-Smith St corner.

Bus Buddies

Aparna Sharma was appointed Bus Buddies project manager. Maybe Bus Buddies needs to be fully independent of Bus Go to be seen as apolitical.

Rosa Parks Day

Agreed to hold this at 12 O'Clock, 1 December at Marne St Reserve to celebrate the opening of a bus stop there, and to bring yellow paint and paintbrushes just in case they are needed.

meeting ended at 12.00.