FANDOM is a provider of low-cost intercity bus transport services around New Zealand. It uses concepts such as yield management and no-frills to provide low fares. The company is so-named because "we have stripped out the costs that you don’t need."

Their bus services are very cheap, starting at $1 if booked zillions of days in advance. All fares are rounded up an extra dollar for a "booking fee". All tickets should be booked on their website: If you really want to, you can phone (on an expensive 0900 number) 0900 NAKED.

Nakedbus has bus services about once a day between Dunedin and the following:

  • Christchurch
  • Invercargill
  • Queenstown/Central Otago

Nakedbus services often consist of no more than a sticker on someone else's bus. The ones around Dunedin are run by Passenger Transport and may double up in the same bus with other bus networks, such as Atomic and Southern Link. This is a bit like "codeshare" airline services, where you can fly on an Air New Zealand ticket on a Singapore Airlines plane.

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