Media release

Public transport advocacy group formed

Bus Go Dunedin: Bus Users and Supporters Group Otepoti Dunedin

Dunedin environmental and social justice activists have formed a new organisation, Bus Go Dunedin: Bus Users and Supporters Group Otepoti Dunedin to support and promote Dunedin's public transport system and campaign on behalf of users for improvements to the service.

"Buses should have a key role in a modern transport system for Dunedin. Managed right, they could be a convenient travel option that is desirable to a large proportion of Dunedin's population," spokesperson Alex King said. "We are delighted that several pro-Public Transport candidates have been elected to the Dunedin City Council and Otago Regional Council and we look forward to a smooth transition of administration of the bus network to the DCC. Then Dunedin's transport policy will be unified under one roof, and public transport can be integrated with walking, cycling, cars, trucks and rail."

The group will hold a public meeting at the former High Street School building at 7pm on Wednesday, November 13 to seek founding members and elect officers to manage the organisation.

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